A Home for Buyer’s

So you’re ready. It’s time to move up, move down or invest in your future.

Congratulations! Now the real fun begins. All you need to search for that special property and work directly with the listing agent, right? Well…you could do it that way, or you could navigate through the agents in your market place to find someone you can work with…someone you can trust…someone who has your best interest at heart. Now doesn’t that sound better?

But how do you find someone who will listen to you, protect your bottom line and support your dreams? Where do you start? Does any of this matter? Aren’t agents just a way to get into the homes you have already picked from hours of searching online?

A good agent’s job is to support YOU!! To listen, to advise, to educate and most importantly, to make this experience as smooth and sweet as a great golf shot (insert bite of chocolate, tennis shot or whatever your driving passion). You may find me on the course occasionally, but I’m never more passionate, more at home, with family, friends and clients than I am when we talk real estate.

Having “been in real estate” since my mother decided to get her license back when I was still in grade school, I would hang out at the office, go on showing appointments, and stuff packets in the days before email. Today it’s more about knowledge. Technology and local market knowledge are two things I command. Working with buyers and sellers in Moore County is my first and only career. It’s my passion, it’s my lane.

Sure, I’ve traveled the world (literally, from Singapore to Chile, Holland and Spain, you name it I’ve probably spent some time learning the culture and soaking up the local vibe). But Moore County and real estate have always been home. It’s a place to lay some roots, get involved, grow a family and grow a community! I’ve seen this sleepy haven grow and flourish. Really, I was selling real estate here before Al Gore invented the internet…when we still rode around with books to show property and only doctors had pagers!! I’ve seen lots of changes and embraced them all. I know this town, its history and work everyday to secure it’s future. I know how to assist you in your pursuit of a new home, I know how to communicate with you according to your likes and dislikes…be it face to face or video chat.

This journey home is all about you…supporting you…advising you…welcoming you!

Let’s talk real estate!