You are ready. The time has come to move up or down, or simply make a new home in a different part of the world.

Congratulations! Now the real fun begins. All you need to do is get your house on the Internet and a sign in the yard, right? Well… you could do it that way, or you could navigate through the agents in your market place to find someone you can work with…someone you can trust…someone who has your best interest at heart. Now, doesn’t that sound better?

How do you find someone who will listen to you, protect your bottom line and support your dreams? Where do you start? Does any of this matter? Aren’t agents just a way to get into the multiple listing service so the house will sell?

Heck, no!

A good agent’s job is to support YOU!! To listen, to advise, to educate, and most importantly, to make this experience as smooth and sweet as a great golf shot (insert: bite of chocolate, tennis shot, or whatever your driving passion). You may find me on the course occasionally, but I’m never more passionate, more at home than with family, friends, and clients talking real estate.

Having “been in real estate” since my mother decided to get her license back when I was still in grade school., I would hang out at the office, go on listing appointments, and stuff packets in the days before email. Today it’s about knowledge; who you know and what you know. I have mastered the technology needed to be where you are when you need me. I have a command of the local market and know what’s going on both residentialy and commercially. Working with buyers and sellers in Moore County is my first and only career. Real Estate is my passion, it’s my lane, some may say, “it’s my bag”.

Sure, I’ve traveled the world, (literally, from Singapore to Chile, Holland and Spain, you name it I’ve probably spent some time there learning the culture and soaking up the local vibe) but Moore County and real estate have always been home. It’s the place to lay down roots, get involved, grow a family and grow a community! I’ve seen this sleepy haven grow and flourish. Really, I was selling real estate here before Al Gore invented the Internet…when we still rode around with books to show property and only doctors carried pagers!! I’ve seen lots of changes and embraced them all. I know this town, its history, and I work everyday to secure its future. I know how to assist you in your pursuit of a new home, I know how to communicate with you according to your likes and dislikes…be it face to face or video chat.

Connecting the dots

Over the last two decades, I have perfected my craft, fine tuned my skills, and embraced changing times in order to bring my clients the best skills and services a Realtor can provide in the market place. Yes, I’ve gotten the alphabet soup going on after my name: proof positive I have the education and the know-how to do what is in the best interest of my clients. I have been the President of the local Realtor Association, the head of the local MLS, and I am licensed by North Carolina to teach realtors how to be their best!

So, what does all of this mean to you?

I’m not just tooting my horn. All of this means you can rest easy knowing that we will work together to price your home, and you’ll receive the benefits of years spent learning the local market, statistics and the psychology of the sale.

When we talk property condition, you’ll gain an advantage from what I’ve learned selling homes since 1994, (what all those buyers over the years have taught me); what they were looking for in a home! What made them pick “the right one” over the rest.

Once you and I have worked out the details, those friendships and good working relations with all the other Realtors in town, will be extremely handy. They know they can count on me to have done my homework, and to carry every transaction through to closing. Other realtors are always happy to show and sell the properties I list.

When we’re ready to negotiate terms, you can count on decades of experience guiding you. People tend to operate in patterns when it comes to strategy and negotiations. We can anticipate the buyer’s next moves and end goal so we can get to the 19th hole as they say: Closing.!

My Experience: Your Script

Offering a home for sale should be telling its story. Setting the stage. Buyers’ looking at real estate are not just looking for the parts that make a home. They are looking for a place to see Spot romp in the back yard; little Jimmy’s growth chart on the kitchen door frame; a place to watch the kids grow; or needing somewhere with a bit more elbow room from a loved one who recently retired. Buyers are looking for a place to make their own memories, a place to call home.

Real Estate Agent: The Role I was Born to Play

Every home and it’s owner is unique, each with a story to tell. This is where I come in. It’s my job to listen, observe, and capture that special something you’ve had the privilege of experiencing in your home for years.

It’s my job to understand what your motivations are in selling.

It’s my job to help the buyer to picture your house as their home.

I know you have lots of choices out there when it comes to putting your greatest asset in the hands of a broker. I am here for you. It is your story. I’m just here to help you share it!

This journey you are about to undertake, is all about you. I will be here every step of the way supporting you, advising you, and most of all welcoming you! I am here and ready when you are!

Let’s talk real estate!